Help Mirandiba, Brazil (Instituto Prover)

GOAL: U$ 20.000,00

Social vulnerability is present in most cities located within the arid regions in Brazil. Schools, basic sanitation, housing, work and many other needs are missing. We want to see their realities transformed by carrying out sustainability projects. We want to be ambassadors of love through our involvement.

Did you know that with just $2,000 we can give a decent two-bedroom house to a family living in the arid regions of Brazil? Did you know that with only $2,500.00 it is possible to give a decent three-bedroom house to a country-side family? We can do this together! Join us to give dignity to those who have been forgotten and abandoned in Brazil. Join us in implementing sustainability projects. Join us to show the love of God. We need your help.

Every person deserves a decent housing. This project is being developed in the city of Manari-PE. It will be replicated in other cities, such as Mirandiba-PE. You can be one of our partners.

Please join us to expand its philanthropic and missionary project!